Sunday, May 7, 2017

Culinary Harbinger

It doesn't take long before you can start using things out of the garden once spring finally springs around here.  You have to be fleet of foot if you don't want to miss it as it doesn't linger for long.  We tend to go straight from winter to summer here with only a brief pit stop called spring.
One of the harbingers of spring is sorrel.  It is only useful early in the season and I almost always try to do something with it before it is past prime.  It has a sharp, lemony flavor and naturally matches well with fish or poultry.

One way I like to use this herb is in a cream sauce.  A simple preparation of sweated shallots or onions in butter, add the chopped sorrel then add some white wine and reduce.  A little lemon juice and then heavy cream.  simmer until reduced to a sauce consistency.  Taste and adjust seasoning.

Tonight I used it to top a couple of pieces of beautiful baked cod fillets.  So simple and so good.

If you don't have sorrel in your herb garden it is well worth trying.  Easily grown from seed and perennial, it is a carefree plant.  Although it is really only usable very early, it's a nice option to have available if it strikes your fancy.  If not, there is always next year!  It's a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rite of spring

A spectacular show of crocus from about two weeks ago. We've had good luck in recent years--decent weather and the system of bamboo and bird netting keeps the deer and rabbits out.