Monday, June 22, 2009

Favorite plant of the day: Clematis

Claire de lune is the only clematis I'm growing. That's crazy; I need more.

So much to catch the eye right now: bearded iris, Siberian iris, sweet woodruff, ajuga, forget-me-nots, veronica, viburnum, roses. But this morning it was the clematis Claire de lune Evirin. The surprise factor made it the clear winner. Enjoying the morning ritual of a stroll through the garden, I turned a corner and there it was with three open blooms. It's taken several years for this clematis to reach this point. I was tempted several times to pull the darn thing out; it seemed a waste of the copper trellis, a handcrafted birthday gift from my husband. At one point it appeared to have died. But it stayed and persevered and now I know that pale lavender is the color of patience rewarded.

The color works well with the blue-purple Ajuga reptans (bugleweed)
in the background.
The clematis is growing in a semi-shady spot
on the north side of the house.


  1. Brian and Karen!

    Thanks so much for the "Raspberry Wine" bee balm! I'm hoping it will multiply quickly so I can get rid of the rest of the Catmint that I'm tired of cutting back! LOVE the Clematis...
    Janna Blomquist

  2. You're very welcome -- enjoy!