Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Easy fruit-fly trap

A little wine for the flies.

Fruit flies seem to follow when the garden harvest gets moved indoors. Here's a tip we learned from a friend who is a former restaurateur: Pour a little wine in a jar or glass, cover it with plastic wrap and poke a tiny hole or two in the plastic. The fruit flies are attracted to the wine, fly in and can't escape. Whatever produce you have on the kitchen counter is safe.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog address! The immediate irony is that we are infested with fruit flies at work! There's only one janitor left, for one thing. And then finally, someone suggested checking the garbage cans at all the unoccupied desks. Yep, there's your problem right there. Doh!

  2. Thanks for this trick, it worked like a charm. As hard as it was to give up some of my tasty wine those fruit flies are no longer driving me crazy.