Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seventh Day January up for viewing

Buds of azalea 'White Lights' will go from spare (left) in January to frothy (right) in June.
Buds, bark and needles are the stars in the January edition of the Seventh Day Project. A variety of winged and furry creatures also are a dominant theme this time of year. In recent days, we've had bunches of finches (and other birds), a trio of deer, rabbits, a short-tailed weasel that managed to make off with a vole while I watched and squirrels that scamper across the crusty snow like there's no tomorrow. 

Here's what happens (below) when the Sillydog corners a squirrel on the deck. The squirrel clings to the house siding until Sillydog is called back into the house and the coast is clear.

 Squirrels are either fearless or reckless. But they've managed to outsmart Sillydog so far.

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