Sunday, April 4, 2010

I like ... slowlovelife

During a recent purge of the bag-lady room I recycled a bunch of magazines, but not before I ripped out and saved some of my favorite columns written by Dominique Browning. I also had to keep a few copies, including a special garden issue from 2000 and the final edition in November 2007.

I love magazines. Especially those with beautiful photography, great design and well-edited features. Which is why, when House & Garden folded in 2007, I was really disappointed. It was full of gorgeous homes and gardens, the likes of which I probably never would visit. They were way too rich for my blood, but I loved the peeks into the lives of the homeowners and garden-makers the magazine showcased. But what I really loved was editor Dominique Browning's column. It was smart and beautifully written and touched on topics I cared about. I often said that even if the rest of the magazine disappointed (it never did) I would subscribe to House & Garden just for her column.

So I was happy to rediscover Browning and her blog at slowlovelife. I read about her job loss here and found much in common with her experience. Her work inspires me; maybe it will inspire you, too.


  1. And just which room is the bag lady room?

  2. Uh, that would be the guest room ... or the office ... or the plant room ... every room here is a potential bag-lady room!