Monday, October 8, 2012

Sci-fi flowers

Outside, the castor beans are toast -- ragged fragments of their former lusty selves. I cut some of the flowers, beating frost by a few hours, and am amazed at how long they're lasting. This photo was taken about two weeks ago and they're just starting to show some wear. Those are castor bean leaves in the vase, too.

Note to self: Grow more castor beans. This is the variety 'Carmencita'.


  1. I've been searching the web trying to see how long castor bean clippings will last. A little over two weeks sounds perfect for a nice arrangement that will last right up to Christmas. They still look good here in Alicante. Winter is only now showing it's cold fingers...Thanks!

  2. I thought they'd be cool for Christmas, too, but no way that was going to happen here. Good luck with your arrangement.