Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Garden tour inspiration


It's a day for looking ahead and looking back. Despite the cold that reaches deep into the bone, I'm thinking about spring and how the garden will evolve this year. For inspiration, I'm recalling the Secret Garden Tour hosted by the Lake County Master Gardeners last July. My favorite garden on the tour was the first one, a typically-sized backyard in town that was anything but typical. Kathy, our host, showed off a yard with minimal lawn and wide, raised beds. But what was really charming were the bits and pieces of old bedsprings, mailboxes and other "found sculpture." Kathy has a good eye for adding surprise without going overboard.  
 Squash grows out of this heavy metal cauldron that also would be suitable for a witch's brew.

 A rusty stool and old bedsprings.

 A metal flag propped against the house and behind a stand of phlox.

 Flowers spill out of a mailbox attached to the fence that encloses the backyard.

 A scarecrow seen from the alley entrance.

 Glass block and lumber were used to build this corner table and bench.

   More rusty metal in the form of a watering can and rebar.

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