Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flower man

Here's the New York Times on the late Robert Isabell, the floral designer and event planner from Duluth who died last week.

The Times says that Tina Brown of The Daily Beast, who worked with Isabell on more than 30 events, recalled in her column that he could be frustratingly elusive: “His silences were very irritating when you were collaborating with him because he never verbally objected to an idea he didn’t like. He just passively aggressively obstructed it. He would also disappear a lot until you vowed you would never, ever deal with him again. You always did, of course, as, over time, most of the Park Avenue hostesses and fundraisers who were his bread and butter realized there was no one who could touch him when it came to creating something wonderful.”

Maybe it's because I'm recently back from a lavish East Coast wedding and still reeling a bit from what I saw, but I found the descriptions of the parties he planned fascinating. As well as his relationship with Bunny Mellon. And check out the photo gallery with Brown's column.

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