Saturday, August 15, 2009

All hail high summer

This is rudbeckia by the garage. The original stand of these summer favorites was in a bed by the vegetable garden, but that bed was demolished as we re-thought the landscaping after the kitchen addition. Still, every year we get seedlings in various places.

Finally. It's almost been the summer that wasn't weather-wise. One of the coolest we've had in many years. Good for some of the flowers, but not so good for others. But this week, ahhhh, this week we got summer smack-dab between the eyes. Hot (in the 80s). And humid. No, I wouldn't like it like this all summer, but for a week in August ---ohhhh, that's nice!

Here, then, are a few scenes from high summer at sillydoggarden.

A mixed planting that includes phlox, variegated willow, snapdragons, salvia, ligularia and lobelia. In the back and off to the right is sweet corn.

The bee balm (variety is 'Raspberry Wine') is going great guns. That pinkish-white flower is an allium, but I've forgotten which variety.

In back, blue arctic willow; in front lamb's ears (left) and pussy-toes before they were (finally!) cut back.

The silly dog has had enough of pretty plants. It's time to cool off in the river.

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  1. The pictures of the yard are awe inspiring. I couldn’t help but notice that “bee balm” keeps trying to get attention. Besides its aesthetic beauty does it have any medicinal or Eco-friendly applications it can be used for?