Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chilling out

It may have been the best 15 minutes of the day:

Early evening, warming up after a cool, gray day. Sitting on a bench that Brian built. The bench resting on the brick-paver terrace (probably too grand a term for this landing spot, but I like the sound of it) that we laid some years back. Surrounded by some of my favorite plants -- rosemary, heliotrope, scented geraniums, chocolate cosmos, night phlox and 'Painted Lady' sweet peas on a trellis I made from bamboo and willow prunings on a Sunday afternoon in May. A cold mojito in hand, made with mint plucked minutes earlier from the garden. Watching the hummingbirds work over the bee balm (just outside the view in this photo). Listening to their wings whirring in harmony with some bees buzzing around the allium.

Any nagging doubts, fears and frustrations held at bay.

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