Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After the thunderstorm

The bur oak is the last tree in the yard to leaf out in the spring and the first to lose its leaves in the fall. It's just now starting to show some green.
We had our first serious thunderstorm of the season the other night. Lots of rain and lots of lightning. The world the next morning was moist and hazy and warm -- a good time for taking a look-see and bringing you up-to-date on some of what is happening as the growing season accelerates.

Wild wood anemone, transplanted from the fringes of the woods to a home under the tree lilac, is an aggressive thug. Fistfuls must be pulled out to prevent it from taking over, but I love how it skirts the lilac's trunk.

The crab apple ('Molten Lava') is nearing its peak.

Ajuga (a k a bugleweed) mixes it up with lily of the valley.

Lamium is another plant to be reckoned with. Pink- and purple-flowered selections (the names have long since been forgotten) have commingled along with the silvery markings on the foliage.

Epimedium is a much better behaved ground cover. It looks like a flutter of paper hearts. 

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