Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trendy Picasso

The underside of 'Pretty Much Picasso' is almost more attractive than the top.
Holly first called my attention to a new petunia called 'Pretty Much Picasso.' She had discovered it at a greenhouse in Wisconsin and was excited about using it in her combination pots this year. We looked for it during a sweep of Minnesota greenhouses a few weeks later, but came up empty-handed. When we asked, salespeople told us they sold out of their stock almost immediately and didn't know of any other greenhouses that still had some. But Holly, one of the best shoppers around, found a few pots on the reduced rack at Shopko and snapped them up, including a pot for me.

Now that I've had a few days to examine and research the plant, I find myself a bit ambivalent about this petunia. I like petunias -- always have. But what I value most in petunias are the fragrance and the flirty, ruffly blooms and 'Picasso' appears to have neither. What it does have is an appealing purply flower with lime-green margins. Proven Winners, which markets the plant, says it doesn't need deadheading -- I like that, too. But the flowers are small and the green margin seems to get lost against the foliage. And, truth be told, I'm a little sour on Proven Winners. They have some great plants, but they're starting to feel a little too much like fast food -- a Whopper and fries taste great once in a while, but a steady diet is so unsatisfying. 

Still, I'll happily grow the plant and see how it performs. Who knows, by the end of the summer it could be on my favorites list. How about you -- are you growing 'Pretty Much Picasso' too?

The petunia is bushy, sturdy and healthy, and the flowers are intriguing. Let's see how it fares come August.

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  1. Thank you for writing about Pretty Much Picasso. Please email me as I would like to discuss why you are "sour" and how we can resolve that.

    Proven Winners
    Public Relations