Sunday, August 1, 2010

New neighbor

The new neighbor is a quiet sort. I have yet to hear him call.

The four goldfish in the pond have company. A small frog (probably a green frog) apparently has taken up residence in the former bathtub turned garden water feature.

He/she nestles into the moss between the stems of the umbrella palm, where he seems to spend hours barely moving. He is neatly camouflaged but if you look close you can see his throat swelling and falling. Occasionally he moves to a place on a waterlily leaf or suns himself on the flat rocks that line the pond's edge. It must be something of a dream home for a frog. The water stays nice and warm -- sort of like a comfortable bath -- and there's plenty of food nearby.

Which is not to say that he can't move fast when he needs to. Startle him and you'll hear the plop of frog on water before you can make out where he lands.

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