Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chair lifts

One of the great things about going to greenhouses and nurseries (besides loading up on cool plants) is the inspiration you can find. Here, two ideas to lift from two greenhouses -- both regarding chairs.

The first is from The Garden House in Solon Springs. Remove the seat from an old chair. Take a metal container such as a bucket and drill some drainage holes in it. Wedge the bucket into place where the seat would be. Plant the bucket with a colorful assortment of annuals; include a flowering vine such as this thunbergia to clamber up and over the back of the chair.

The second is from Winter Greenhouse. These metal chairs are fitted with seats fashioned from scotch or irish moss. (I spotted similar chairs, without the moss seats, in the front yard at Serendipity, the home and garden furnishings store on Superior Street in Duluth.) The table's lower shelf includes a selection of succulents growing in a mossy base. How cool is that?

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