Saturday, March 27, 2010

First up: Ladykiller

'Ladykiller' pushes through a mess of leaf litter and reaches for the sun.
Break out the bubbly -- the season's first crocus is blooming at sillydoggarden. Crocus chrysantha 'Ladykiller' showed its handsome white and purple petals on Wednesday and, oh yeah, I was swooning for the rest of the day. It's a diminutive crocus, one of the species or snow varieties, but it's early, classy-looking and so easy to grow. It's a small patch just north of the front door so it doesn't make a big statement -- we'll leave that to the bigger and flashier Dutch crocus (C. vernus) on the berm near the road. Later, after the blooms are finished, 'Ladykiller's' ripening foliage will be hidden by hostas. It's a happy relationship.

I didn't expect to find this Friday afternoon.
I've been monitoring the Dutch crocus, watching as their slender leaves poke through the ground and sprinkling Milorganite to try and keep the rabbits and deer at bay. And on Friday, I was surprised to see one just barely flexing its petals. There's no denying it, crocus season is open. I'll have another glass of champagne, please.

Anticipation: This is a small portion of the crocus berm. With luck, we'll have a mass of purple, yellow and white in a few weeks.


  1. Hooray! I've been anxiously awaiting the first crocus post of the season.

  2. We're just getting started -- much more crocus to come!

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