Monday, March 15, 2010

Headlong (footlong?) into spring

Rubber boots are the footwear of choice as we reacquaint ourselves with the feel of gravel and wood chips under our feet. The main walkways are mostly free of snow and ice. 

It's practically balmy out there. The National Weather Service reports that we've hit 18 consecutive days with a high above freezing. It's the first March since 1878 in which the first 15 days of the month have recorded a high temperature above freezing at Duluth.

And we're lovin' it.

More signs of spring:

Rubber boots keep the feet dry when traipsing through the woods to the stream.

The stream at the back of the property is gorging on snowmelt, rumbling through the trees and providing a soundtrack that travels especially well at night when the rest of the world has quieted and it's just you (and the sillydog) standing in the dark by the deck.

The sillydog is giddy at being able to run again on something other than snow. He's so full of himself that no log is too big for him to try and move.

The first itty-bitty tips of crocus are starting to show on the berm out front. (And we've already trapped and relocated one hungry rabbit. Sigh.)

And there are wet, muddy pawprints at the door. Bring on the towels for wiping off a dog every time he comes back inside.

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