Friday, March 19, 2010

Windowsill walkabout

One of the great things about spider plants is their ability to pro-create. Plop the babies into water and you'll have roots in no time. These are destined for a life outside in some mixed containers come summer.
"Fools!" the weather gods seemed to be saying today. "Did you really think late-springlike temperatures were here to stay?" Well, no. I think we all knew better but, still, this 30-degree day isn't much fun after a week of 50s and 60s.

So, prodded by this post from Gayla Trail, it seemed a good time to retreat indoors and assess what's growing on the windowsills. It's still too early to start many seeds here, and many of the plants I've been overwintering are showing the wear and tear of indoor life in the winter (low light and low humidity). But, despite the legginess, chlorotic foliage and droopy attitude there are signs that many of them are poised to turn the corner and get growing again.

The south window in the dining room is winter headquarters for many plants that will return outdoors in May or June. At lower left is an out-of-control Puerto Rican oregano. In the box are a peppermint-scented geranium, cordyline 'Red Sensation', another peppermint-scented geranium and an umbrella palm water plant. The big plant at right is a banana and the dish garden on the floor holds a selection of succulents. The tall plant at left behind the cacti is a ficus. The ficus and the cacti stay inside year-round.

Downstairs, we have another window with southern exposure. On the windowsill are a rose-scented geranium, bay plant, another scented geranium, plectranthus and abutilon. On the bookshelf you can see more Puerto Rican oregano, a struggling upright fuchsia, amaryllis and Swedish ivy. 

It's true -- I can't seem to get enough of scented geraniums. This is part of a tangled mess of potted plants and cuttings that I took early last fall that are ready to be potted up. They're under lights in the plant room.

Also under lights in the plant room are some lettuce seeds, agave and heliotrope. The leeks (back) already have sprouted.


  1. Oh... How I remember my windows filled with plants. With a 2 year old running about many had to be gifted to friends. Thanks for the memories, especially the spider plant. I had one that lasted 15 years.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the tour. I love spider plants, too, especially when they're surrounded by a bunch of plantlets.